Trent Murdoch

Private eye from 1920's



Snarky. Bull dog mentality. People person. Tough. Walks softly and carries a big stick.


Try always tell me it’s the piercing blue eyes, and not my genial manner that gets a mark talking. Cigarettes are not a habit of mine, they are a pleasure. Way things are going, these creatures will kill me before cancer finds me so I plan on wearing nice clothes and a good hat until that day comes, because I ain’t going out looking like a pauper.


Enemy. If I return to Chicago, 1925, Capone will kill me. This mystic crap scares me, so I’ll find a way to make peace and go back home.


Trent was a private detective in Chicago in 1925 when he tracked Al Capone to a dockside warehouse. Following an ambush, Capone and his inner circle performed a ritual to protect them, and to lay waste to their enemies. The creature that was summoned was fearsome.

The nine-foot reptile ran after Trent, tearing through walls as it pursued him. It was TimeWatch that appeared and took down the fire-breathing demon, and Trent left as a witness.

Killing Al Capone would change a significant section of history, so they couldn’t address the cultist, yet leaving Trent here, even if his memory were erased, would get Trent killed. Thus, Trent’s stint at TimeWatch began.

Trent Murdoch

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