TimeWatch's first android agent



Honest. Literal. Childlike. Eager to please. Takes orders. Unconcerned with self preservation.


I can look like anybody I choose. While I do have my favorites, my base appearance is that of a mannequin with robotic limbs.


Duty. TimeWatch created me, and I serve them. I protect those that serve my masters.


Model – 3417 is a polymorphic android capable of learning. It can assume any guise, male or female, of any race and any gender thanks to a carapace of nanites that are instantly responsive to its desires.

What emotion Model – 3417 has is simulated from years of analysis of its human counterparts. Unlike previous models, 3417 is capable of free thought, though essentially is childlike in curiosity.

Violence is a last resort for 3417, as it has been taught that violence against humans is morally wrong. Since 3417 has no morals, violence admitted is unfeeling, cold, and efficient.


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