Soldier and mercenary



Heroic. Selfless. Tells it how it is. Bold. Overcompensating.


Matrix is tall and muscular, and comparable to a refrigerator. He’s always got a smirk like he knows something more than those around him.


Altruism. Innocents must be protected at all costs, especially from the horrors they don’t realize exist. Every demon must be slain.


There isn’t much to say about Mattix. No one knows the man’s real name, only his deeds. If there’s a war, chances are Mattix is at the center of it, bathing in the glory of combat.

Years ago he saved miners on Mars from the animated dead legions of Mars. The miners had found a temple beneath Olympus Mons, and endless catacombs of an alien species. Before they could report their findings the dead had come to life and the survivors could barely call for help. It was Mattix and his buddies who dropped in and laid waste to the undead alien scum.

The government tried to cover it up as a tail too fantastical to tell, brought on by hallucination-inducing gases yet to be identified. Seeing as Mattix detonated a localized miniature nuclear bomb within the catacombs, chances are they’d never find anything to analyze aside from a minor amount of radiation.

Traditional merc work wasn’t Mattix’s thrill after that. He yearned to be hunting that which hunted him in return. This thrill was fulfilled when TimeWatch recruited him as an agent.


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