Calliope Rhee

Gun dealer from the late 22nd Century


For a Favor…

Calliope Rhee is always willing to sell exceptional weaponry. The price is usually a favor, because what use is money to time travelers? What this means in game speak is the Preparedness roll to acquire equipment will be easier by 1 or 2 points (GM’s discretion.)



Calliope is a Korean American gun dealer from the late 22nd century. She operates out of Singapore in a shining crystal office building that rises above the city. She is a solid entrepreneur, a deadly combatant, a knowledgeable informant, and a smuggler of illegal time weapons. She can get almost any weapon for a price, but her price is seldom money; more often she asks for a favor, such as dropping a sealed envelope in a particular place and time, smuggling a baby dinosaur, or helping save someone who is losing a fight. If you need an unusual weapon or need to know who has one, Calliope is an excellent source.

What Calliope does is illegal, in TimeWatch’s eyes, but the organization does not have the resources to deal with a snake like Calliope. For this reason, agents consider her a dubious ally. When the going gets tough, she’s the devil to make a deal with to get the weapons and equipment one needs when TimeWatch’s rules and regulations get in the way.

After all, when you’re facing a horror the size of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, would you rather have a PaciFist or a Koori Phase Converter to reduce the creature to confetti?

Calliope Rhee

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