Erasmus Hirsch

Scientist who dabbles in the occult



Brilliant. Narcissistic. Curt. Vindictive. Amoral.


Blonde and middle aged, Erasmus has a stern gaze that holds the world in contempt for not recognizing his brilliance. He often corrects people, and berates them when they are wrong.


Experimenter. These rifts are releasing impossible creatures, and I plan on cataloging each of them.


A contemporary of John Lilly, Doctor Erasmus Hirsch saw other possibilities with Lilly’s research involving his famous desensitization chamber. What Erasmus realized would never be taken seriously: the test subjects were not hallucinating, they were witnessing the horrors from across the Veil.

This realization led to Hirsch dabbling in the occult. He studied with witch doctors and voodoo priests in the Caribbean and the swamps of Louisiana, and he conducted experiments, ethical and unethical, on living subjects attempting to communicate with those in the great beyond. The hostility of these extra-dimensional entities became increasingly apparent, and he did not know himself whether this excited him or frightened him.

Hirsch’s research piqued interest at TimeWatch centuries later when they learned of the supernatural creatures they were up against. Agents, including Lady Trieu, were dispatched to save him before his historical disappearance… from becoming the meal of an amorphous hideous swamp monster.

Since this time, he has lent his knowledge to TimeWatch in hopes of stopping the very thing that oftentimes gives him power.

Erasmus Hirsch

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